Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dauphin Island at 30 Weeks

So many things have happened since my last update! I did say I'd update soon and truthfully that was before our computer decided to give out. I am actually typing from our apartment complex's computers! I am at the point where every 2 weeks I have an appointment with my doctor. Weird! Because I am so far behind, I may be posting twice today.

I hope everyone's Fourth of July was wonderful! Coy's family and I went to the Dauphin Island beach and Coy came up later because of his new job (which we are both so blessed and thankful for!) Besides the 10 hour car ride (in the third trimester), it was a lot of fun! I love spending time with his family. They are so enjoyable to be around.

Our Beautiful View

Met some great friends including this chica!

It was so relaxing :)

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