Monday, April 18, 2016

Hopefully Soon?

I started contractions 3-5 minutes apart lasting about a minute the weekend before last. I am dilated 1 cm! 1 cm less I'll have to labor in. I had an appointment yesterday and was secretly hoping he would say I was ready! The ultrasound lady did say because of baby's size that I'm 38 weeks tomorrow! (3 days later). I'm so ready to have him out! They are predicting 6 lbs and 13 oz. right now. We will see about that. I can already tell the baby is bigger than Kinslee! No names picked out yet. Coy is stuck on either Hunter Drake or something presidential. I suggest names a lot, but I am quitting because he doesn't like any! There is always a reason. 


Weight Gain: 26 pounds total

Symptoms: Shortness of breath. Horrible back when I sit down. I can't seem to get any relief unless I am sleeping. It is usually on my right side. I am at waddling, slow stage right now.

Weeks Pregnant: 38 tomorrow

New Clothes: None! I am trying so hard not to purchase anything so close to the end!

Cravings: Pizza, fries, breadsticks. Nothing healthy unfortunately. I will make healthy foods though :)

Stretch Marks: I will admit I gained a few on my lower belly. I didn't even know I had them until a couple of days ago. I did cry because it was something unexpected and I knew right then I would be looking a bit different after baby belly is gone. I am alright now, it just took some mental adjustment. I accepted the stretch marks from having Kinslee, and now I am trying to do that with Mister. 

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