Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mom Life

Oh, the mom life! How it has taken over! I feel like I am non-stop running errands, cleaning, AND balancing home/work/raising a child/being a good wife! It sounds crazy, and it sounds like I have no time for me: TRUTH. Would I change any of it? Not one thing. I love Kinslee and Coy. It's a different kind of fun. It's a different kind of life. I feel like my family needs me and that makes me feel good :) Blogging has been taking the back seat, but now that I am in a routine with school, you may hear more of me. My goal is once a week. 

Speaking of mom life taking over...so has my cooking life. I remember when it was just Coy and I. Even being pregnant with Kinslee, I was good at planning out meals ahead of time and following through with them. Kinslee can eat real foods, and that should make me a better cooker. False. I am trying, but I have been so tired after work, that my housekeeping and cooking skills have decreased. I try every once in a while, but that's something I need to work on. Kinslee and I baked cookies with pumpkin faces (the pre-cut kind). As my children grow, I'm hopeful we can bake the real kind :)

Update: My grandfather passed away at the end of July and Kinslee and I traveled to California with my immediate family. It was a good trip overall to see family and miss Grandpa with everyone. With a baby, it was stressful to be sure, yet at the same time, I couldn't help but think most of it was my fault. I need patience (Don't worry, I pray for some every day). Really, I could do it again. I just need to let the small things go...

Update: Coy and I purchased a new truck Ford F-150 2013. It is red and awesome! My turn next :)

Update: Kinslee's first birthday was a success. There was a small stressful time when it rained and everything had to be squeezed inside, but other than that SUCCESS! Not a lot of people came, but everyone who mattered did. I love that there was a day for her. It took her a while to dive into her cake, but once she started, she dug in! Looking forward to year 2 for my little walker and talker. 

Many pictures to come!

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