Sunday, March 25, 2018

Praying over Arrows

I pray every night for my children. My awesome pastor said that he prays the 3 W's for his children: that they would never wander, they would never waver, and never want anything more than Jesus. I would pray prayers for my children before hearing this and always did the best I could; however, once I heard this, I immediately attached to it over a year ago. I never use to think that praying specifically was a big deal until it was. As I began to pray in this way, I started to pray for other specific things for my kids, such as: calming Chase's heart when he is angry or that He would be present with Kinslee and her friends at school. Through prayer, I started to notice a change in my heart. 
  1. I realized that they are such a big deal! Now, of course, I always knew my kids were big deals, but I completely took that for granted and maybe thought about that when they were good. Now that I specifically pray for them every night, there's not a moment that goes by that I don't think that way. They are bright stars in my life and precious to God. That's really the most important thing, that they are precious and big deals to God. I need to treat them like gifts and with gentleness. I have a newly developed appreciation for them as God's children. 
  2. My eyes are opened and much more aware of praises. I can see God working in them and in me from praying specifically for them. In fact, I should probably start writing things down that I notice! I know God works, but actually having concerns or requests answered is truly amazing. 
  3. Who else is literally praying for my children specifically besides my husband and I every single night? I know that their grandparents, and family love them so much. I know that they pray for them. I think the main difference is that it is my humble and blessed responsibility to do so and so much more as their earthly parent. 
  4. I feel my relationship go to another level with Jesus. I am constantly talking with him about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Talking to Him about my kids is some more time with Him. I feel like I am letting Him in on more of my life. 
Thank you Jesus for teaching me so much through prayer!

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