Friday, August 1, 2014

34 Weeks

This week, I am on the countdown! I only have a month and week left. I really can't wait!

31 Weeks

 32 Weeks

33 Weeks
I am taking my 34 week picture today! I promise my tummy isn't red. It's the lighting! I tried to edit it, but nothing worked.

How Far Along: 34 weeks, tomorrow is 35!

Gender: Girl

Total Weight Gain: 28 pounds.Getting out of the car and being short of breath is no fun!

Maternity clothes: I did succumb to purchasing a cute top that could work after pregnancy! I'm to the point where my maternity clothes don't even cover everything that needs to be covered!

Stretch Marks: I have really light marks on my upper right thigh. They are barely noticeable, but I did cry! It could be much worse. Still none on my stomach!

Sleep: I am up at random hours of the night for the bathroom. She has been still during my sleeping hours, but Daddy wakes her up when he starts talking to her before work every morning at about 630.
I can go back to sleep sometimes for about an hour. I love that she responds to Coy!

Movement: After I eat she is a definite mover. I love it though! Every once in a while she hits my Sciatic Nerve and my tummy looks contorted, but it just gets me excited even more.

Cravings: I'm a pizza lover, but I have literally wanted a nice burger every day. I never say no to sub :) I can also eat those cherry tomatoes like candy. At least it's healthy!

Symptoms: I am just an emotional person. Coy can tell you that! I do have swelling that I can't wait to be done with! Almost.

Belly Button In or Out: Almost poking out, but I feel like my tummy is stretched to its max.

Exercise: Sweling has caused me to just focus on my arms and just do some leg lifts. Man, I feel so bad because I was such a judger of pregnant people! I am not anymore because it's hard to stay fit preggo, fit into your wedding ring, and find clothes that actually fit you! Props to the ladies who can dress fashionably during this time.

Nutrition: Doing good with the caffeine intake: 15-20 mg a day if not less. I still want a good burger anytime. I snack on veggies (cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, beans). Every now and then I have a decaf frappucino. I'm sorry, but how am I supposed to completely give up Starbux? I don't want to judge others on this of course! The books say you can have caffeine. I just choose to limit it for me. I am convinced those 1st-2nd trimester headaches were from getting off of the caffeine. I do enjoy a good root beer float.

Next doctor's appointment: August 6th,  I'll be 35 weeks! I will have an appointment every week after that :)

We are in the process of house hunting. I love it! I don't mind looking at them all day. Last weekend, we saw 9 houses in the country. Today, we are looking at 2 in a sub division. It's nice that they are in West Little Rock. 

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