Sunday, March 25, 2018

Praying over Arrows

I pray every night for my children. My awesome pastor said that he prays the 3 W's for his children: that they would never wander, they would never waver, and never want anything more than Jesus. I would pray prayers for my children before hearing this and always did the best I could; however, once I heard this, I immediately attached to it over a year ago. I never use to think that praying specifically was a big deal until it was. As I began to pray in this way, I started to pray for other specific things for my kids, such as: calming Chase's heart when he is angry or that He would be present with Kinslee and her friends at school. Through prayer, I started to notice a change in my heart. 
  1. I realized that they are such a big deal! Now, of course, I always knew my kids were big deals, but I completely took that for granted and maybe thought about that when they were good. Now that I specifically pray for them every night, there's not a moment that goes by that I don't think that way. They are bright stars in my life and precious to God. That's really the most important thing, that they are precious and big deals to God. I need to treat them like gifts and with gentleness. I have a newly developed appreciation for them as God's children. 
  2. My eyes are opened and much more aware of praises. I can see God working in them and in me from praying specifically for them. In fact, I should probably start writing things down that I notice! I know God works, but actually having concerns or requests answered is truly amazing. 
  3. Who else is literally praying for my children specifically besides my husband and I every single night? I know that their grandparents, and family love them so much. I know that they pray for them. I think the main difference is that it is my humble and blessed responsibility to do so and so much more as their earthly parent. 
  4. I feel my relationship go to another level with Jesus. I am constantly talking with him about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Talking to Him about my kids is some more time with Him. I feel like I am letting Him in on more of my life. 
Thank you Jesus for teaching me so much through prayer!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Another Crazy, Awesome Year

It's taken me some time to realize that I am a good mother. It's okay to say that. I truly don't think believe it's bragging. Every day is something new. I am a working mom who loves her two kids! Hopefully one day, a third will be in the picture. Being a mom changes you. It isn't in a bad way! It makes you grow up. You think you're fully grown until you have a baby! I sincerely didn't think I was that selfish until I had my first baby. It made me realize just how selfish my life was. I'm definitely not saying that if you can't or don't want kids, you are selfish. NO. I am saying you become even more grown up or aware after having them. Having kids made me see a different side of me. I have learned so much, and I'm only three years into it. I'm sure I have so much more to learn about myself and about life.

I appreciate life so much more. Don't get me wrong, there are some days that just need to end, but every day is time I get to teach my kids. If you're a parent, you are constantly teaching them. How? Because they are watching you! I can see Kinslee repeating me (good and bad) and it's kind of scary I have someone watching and observing me so close! It makes me want to be a good person. She has caught on to moods, discipline, and body language. If I grumble under my breath, she grumbles under her breath. That's not really the stuff I paid attention to until now. Coy has brought it up, and I maaaaaaaaay have brushed it off, thinking, "but that's me!" No, he was right all along because now our daughter does what I do.

I get up at 4:30am every morning to get ready all alone. I pack both kids bags and lunches, pack the car, get milk, bottle, jackets, clothes, and shoes laid out. I wake up Kinslee and hold her a minute as she's not a morning person! We brush her teeth, get dressed (10 minute affair), and get her blankie, kitty, and milk. Once she is settled, I get Chase up. He's usually already up and talks to himself for a while. He tickle and play with him on the changing pad for a bit before changing him. Putting on his hat, and grabbing anything last minute I may need (COFFEE), we head out the door. I drop them off and physically already tired by the time I'm at the school by 7:30-7:40 depending on Kinslee's mood. One morning, I walked in on throw-up everywhere, but that's another story. School is a paragraph all in it's own, but after teaching for 20 minutes and babysitting the other 50 minutes (sarcasm is definitely alive and well) four times in 7 hours, I am mentally and physically exhausted. Picking my kids up is the highlight of my day. Kinslee is always happy to see me, and that makes me happy. The car ride is full of either crying for something to drink, crying for books or toys, or reading and laughing and singing. I am going non-stop once I am at home. Cooking dinner, cleaning, dishes, and when you have a 16 month boy weighing 33 lbs, it gets hard to hold him every time he wants to be held! I'm also fitting in being a wife. lol. Baths are around 7 and then kids are getting to bed or in bed at 8. After that, more cleaning.

Now, that can sound depressing. Heck, if I read this in high school, I would never want to have kids. Believe it or not, I love it. It's a routine that I never get sick of. I love being mommy. I love being Mrs. Bell. I love my busy busy self.

I am ready for another awesome year!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mommy of 2

Being a new mommy of 2 is busier than I thought. I thought I was busy with one...nope! I'm sure others who are mothers of multiples can agree. In fact, I'm sure I don't know busy until I've had more. I do know that after working all day and coming home to craziness makes for a pretty rushed and "go-go" day. On the weekends, at least when they nap (if at the same time) I can breathe. At the same time, when they are finally asleep, I clean. Otherwise, when will anything get done? Coy always offers to help, but I feel a lot of the time only I can do some things. Sometimes, I can't think that fast to delegate when he asks me, and I just do it. I feel so rewarded though. It is all so worth it. I'm sure you here that all the time. I understand it now for sure!

I  have really loved listening to Kinslee's language develop. She has been sounding clearer and clearer. It is so cute for sure. I love having a girl and boy. Maybe one day, a third? 

She always wanted to hold him. Of course after the first 1-2 weeks of being clingy.

She always loves to be around him now!

He was around 2 1/2 months here

Carly's soccer game!

Before church

Chase's 4 month picture. He weighed 16 lbs. and 14 oz. Now, he is 17.5!

My happy kids. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I never thought I'd see my blog again. I have no idea how my mother had 5 children. I also don't know how mothers can blog! I have to be at work with silence...something that rarely happens. 

We named our little man Michael Chase Bell and call him Chase. He was born 9 lbs. and 10 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long. He is 4 months old and almost 17 lbs. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? Of course I will put up pictures soon! Here are newborns for now. Cue the "AW"

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hopefully Soon?

I started contractions 3-5 minutes apart lasting about a minute the weekend before last. I am dilated 1 cm! 1 cm less I'll have to labor in. I had an appointment yesterday and was secretly hoping he would say I was ready! The ultrasound lady did say because of baby's size that I'm 38 weeks tomorrow! (3 days later). I'm so ready to have him out! They are predicting 6 lbs and 13 oz. right now. We will see about that. I can already tell the baby is bigger than Kinslee! No names picked out yet. Coy is stuck on either Hunter Drake or something presidential. I suggest names a lot, but I am quitting because he doesn't like any! There is always a reason. 


Weight Gain: 26 pounds total

Symptoms: Shortness of breath. Horrible back when I sit down. I can't seem to get any relief unless I am sleeping. It is usually on my right side. I am at waddling, slow stage right now.

Weeks Pregnant: 38 tomorrow

New Clothes: None! I am trying so hard not to purchase anything so close to the end!

Cravings: Pizza, fries, breadsticks. Nothing healthy unfortunately. I will make healthy foods though :)

Stretch Marks: I will admit I gained a few on my lower belly. I didn't even know I had them until a couple of days ago. I did cry because it was something unexpected and I knew right then I would be looking a bit different after baby belly is gone. I am alright now, it just took some mental adjustment. I accepted the stretch marks from having Kinslee, and now I am trying to do that with Mister. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Goin' On 32 Weeks!

I cannot believe how fast time is going. The English department had their weekly meeting last week and discussed May! I thought, "Wow, I won't be here until the summer for PD!" So exciting! I even miss the testing craze for ACTAspire in May! I'll try not to smile too hard if I have to leave for that. I'm wondering if Bell#2 will be late this time, or early again! It would be fun to have a May baby! Hopefully, it won't run into my brother's college graduation April 24th.

Many things have happened since failing the Glucose test! After I failed the first Glucola test, I had to come back the next week at 7:45 am to take the Glucola Tolerance Test. You have to drink the same drink, but 50g more of sugar, bleck! They pinch you every hour for 3 hours. I brought my lovely book and pillow. I passed twice, so I was freed. My stomach was so messed up after that. I felt very ill the rest of the day. The next day, my stomach didn't want any food! Everything sounded horrible to eat. Coy had to force me to drink water. Anything I ate or drank wasn't accepted. On top of everything else, when I called the Medical Exchange number late at night after not eating all day and vomiting every hour, they said I had to wait 24 hours to be IV'd. I was so extremely weak that I knew I wouldn't listen. If I didn't stop vomiting by the next morning, I was going in whether they liked it or not. I couldn't walk. Everything I did, even opening the car door, or picking up my water container, caused me to be out of breath. It was horrible. I knew myself, and there was no way I was going to wait 24 hours. Thankfully, I stopped at 1:40 am. It took me a couple of days to recover from that. I actually tried to go back to school that afternoon and that was a bad idea.

The day after that, I was feeling alright, just slow-moving. My vision became blurry on my right side. After two hours of it, I called for Nurse Poe at our school. My blood pressure was really low which didn't surprise me. I called my doctor and he said to just put salt on my food and go to my eye doctor if I kept having blurry vision. He didn't even offer to see me. I was very mad at that point. I feel like everything I tell my doctors is not taken seriously at all. I will change doctors. A good one would have at least offered to see me. Going to the eye doctor is a waist of time for what I was going through. Without doctor help, Coy researched why I would have blurry vision because it had occurred again that weekend. It had to do with blood sugar. Why do I pay for healthcare and go to the doctor again?

Okay, honestly, I used to be judgmental about a lot of things before I had a child, I still am in some ways because there are some things you can take care of at home resulting in less of a problem in public, but I am way more lenient. I took Kinslee to Rhea Lana's and she threw dramatic tantrums. We left early because I didn't know what else to do. I know what I would do at home, but in public? I'm learning as I go, but I feel like I'm not very good right now. Pet Peeve: sitting in church and hearing babies or kids/toddlers when main service starts. There are places for these children! You distract me by bringing them to a place they don't need to be!

Pregnancy Update:

Weeks along: 32 Thursday

Symptoms: Shortness of breath, serious back pains, and sinus issues every morning

Clothes: I am abstaining from buying any clothing for myself until the summer!

Weight Gain: 19 pounds

Cravings: Pizza and Breadsticks. I'm loving the newly discovered Cucumber and Avocado Salad!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Fail

So, I really thought I posted this, but when I went back, I noticed it was in the drafts!! This was a month ago!

My doctor's appointment was at 2:45pm. I took started drinking the Glucose bottle at 2:51pm and found blood sugar was too high and hemoglobin too low. My mom and Coy think it had to do with waiting all day to go in. I was very weak and shaky. I agree for the most part. I didn't end up leaving my appointment until 5:00pm. Those appointments are so long...I didn't fail last time! Next Monday, I will have to go in at 7:45am for 3 hours. I will have my book for sure. Pretty bummed to take off half a day of work because I have to save those for maternity leave!!

I am reading, "The Elite," (second book to "The Selection"). I'm also pretty close to being done, so I'll have to get the 3rd one just in case. 

Preggo Updates:

Far Along: 24 weeks, 3 days

Weight Gain: 14 pounds

Symptoms: It takes me longer to get up! I feel a good amount of pressure every time I get up from sitting down. It always takes me a little bit. I can't seem to find anyone who understands that at 24 weeks, so I plan on purchasing a maternity belt this time around!