Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tired, but Loved

I love being Kinslee's mother, don't get me wrong, but I am a tired person! EVERY DAY! Will I always be tired? There has to be some sort of trick. All I can come up with is COFFEE. Over and over again you hear.....nap when she naps OR the laundry/dishes will still be there anyway, just go nap. That's the problem: they will still be there! If I nap when she does, NOTHING will get done. It will just continue to build and build until I'm overwhelmed and stressed. In fact, if I nap when she does (which is only 1 time once I get home from work) I just end up thinking about things that need to get done. Am I the only person? 

Coy helps out a lot in the afternoons! Now, I am learning to let go and not be a control freak about her :) 

We have started eating baby food! We tried apples for five days and now trying bananas. She LOVES bananas. She will whine a little bit if I don't put it in her mouth fast enough. It will be such a relief to only buy baby food every month (in a couple of months) instead of the expensive formula!!

Nonetheless, I love our little family. I love Coy. I love Kinslee. I love coming home to a home. I love being with those two together. I love watching them together. I love my job (even though I miss her), I love bathing Kinslee. I love making Kinslee laugh. I love that Coy and I can still have long conversations and go to bed happy :) I love my life. However, coffee will always need to be there :)

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