Monday, May 12, 2014

23 Weeks

I can't believe I'm 23 weeks. Time is seriously flying by and I'm okay with that. I thought I'd do some updating on my preggo status and looks!

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Gender: Girl

Total Weight Gain: 14 pounds (I have been trying to be better at eating! Fruits and Veggies, Water, and Low-Fat. Don't get me wrong, every now and then I eat something I'm not suppose to! I do save any soda or sugary juices for the weekend) I know about 2-3 of those pounds are not just the baby, they are everything else!

Maternity clothes: YES! I have given in. I do not have a lot. Pants do feel better in maternity though! My favorite line would have to be Liz Lange from Target. Their tank tops are wonderful. Period.

Stretch Marks: None! I put lotion on every morning, night, and sometimes during the day (despite the fact that it is probably genetics. Psychologically, I feel better about myself :).

Sleep: I am woken up earlier than I want to be every morning with the movements of my sweet girl! During the night, besides my husband and his sleep sounds lately, nothing else wakes me up. At drill once a month, I grab ear plugs from the hearing station and use those to help with the smacks and loud yawns at 2:00am from my man. Don't worry, I still love him.

Movement: Yes! At night time and after eating anything spicy :) Coy can feel her move easier now.

Cravings: Right now, I am switching from food to food, but I LOVE Target's breadsticks and pizza. It never fails. I love those foods, but I know they aren't good for me to have all the time!

Symptoms: The only thing major I have noticed (and my husband) from the first day of finding out we are expecting are my emotions. I tend to be moody sometimes and I am tired. Lots of my tiredness comes from teaching all day and being on my feet though.

Belly Button In or Out: It's halfway out, but looks out sometimes grrr

Exercise: I was a runner and exerciser before this baby, but I have been hesitant to exercise since I found out I was expecting. I know many mommies do it or have done it and everything turns out fine, but I just wasn't comfortable with running having my first. At 20 weeks, I have been exercising because I noticed some weight gain in my arms and thighs ;) I take complete advantage of the small gym at our apartment. I do strength training twice a week including the stair climbers (which could be cardio), I walk twice a week for 2 miles and do floor exercises (squats, bicep curls, push against the wall pushups, and bicycles).

Nutrition: I have been eating the same, but noticing I shouldn't now! I have seriously cut back on sodas and pringles. Cut up fruits and veggies (love bell peppers) are my snackies. I drink water all during the day and a glass of sweet tea (for myself) at night. I'm sorry, but I can't be a complete health nut! My hubby will soon be surprised at the healthiness of our dinner meals soon :) I really can't wait to share some awesome healthy/good recipes with you all!

Next doctor's appointment: 24 week-Glucose testing!

I've been hesitant to take any bare belly shots because I always thought it was a little weird. I'm not the skinniest, but I'm definitely not fat :) I know my body and I know it's getting bigger in some places. This is new, but I thought I should probably embrace myself!

This is me at 23 weeks. I don't know why my belly has a red tint. I promise it isn't. 

Of course lately, none of the T-shirts I wear fit my belly (or they are really tight), That's all I wore for pajammies! Thankfully my hubster is a big guy and I just steal his shirts :) Excuse the kissy face. It never gets old for me.

Teal Flowy Tank Top: WetSeal  $10
Black Maternity Pants: Rhea Lanas  $10 
Nude heels (1 inch): Payless Shoe Store  $15

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