Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby Boy or Girl?

My first blog! First let me just say that I plan on being a blogger for a while. I was completely influenced and motivated by The Honeybee blog. I am absolutely in love with her fashion and started reading her pregnancy blogs from seeing her on Pinterest! If you don't follow her, go do it! My goal is to post once a week + anytime that something fantastic happens! My blogs will include My Life, Beauty, Babies :), and Food.

The news of our little one have both Coy and I so thrilled! It wasn't necessarily planned, but nothing was done to prevent it :) It just tells us that God was ready for us to have a child! I am 22 weeks! Since I have not been posting from the beginning, here are some photos to catch up!

                This was technically before! 7 weeks                                                 Just a bean :)

This is barely anything! 12 weeks
And there's our little one!

At this point, we had gone to a friend who was a nurse. It took her over an hour to see if it was a boy or girl! By the end, we were pretty convinced it was a boy!

Halfway there! 20 weeks

This 20 week ultrasound confirmed that who we thought was a little boy, is now a little girl! It was a complete mindshift! At first I honestly felt guilty for feeling a little upset. I was more upset for Coy and that we were soooo focused on a boy. Talking to other people really helped me and of course we are thrilled she is healthy! I am super excited for bows and pink

Sorry this is at night time, but I almost forgot about a weekly picture. I had my mom quickly take one just to document :)

Now to think of names and decorations! It is so sweet to see Coy talk to her every night before we go to sleep. He's going to be such a great dad! 

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