Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some Daily Fashion

It is so hard to convince myself to get maternity clothes because you only wear them for nine months and I'm not having 5+ kiddos (If it's God's will). Really guys, I would invest in dresses (especially if you are pregnant for most of the summer like me :), tank tops, and maternity pants (shorts, leggings). I have tried to wear my regular clothes as long as I could, but it really is worth it to invest in certain maternity clothes! If you are planning, plan to budget this in! Here's a little look at what I have been wearing!

Work Day: The blazer is actually gray with black stripes, white ruffled
 collar shirt,and black skirt. If you have black business pants with
pointy heels, that would be so cute!

Work Day: Cheetah print Old Navy cardigan, Black tank, Black Target
pants (psssst they're actually pajamma pants! But nobody knows that :)

I HAVE to post what I just ordered! Too excited to wait and then wear it to post! I have been on the lookout for CHEAP kimono jackets for the summer for a while now and I'm sorry, but 25-50 bucks is not cheap to me. Most boutiques will sell these sheer kimono jackets for that price. I just ordered this from here for 13 bucks and I'll post later after it comes!

 Happy Tuesday!

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