Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's a...

On December 21st, we found out the gender of our baby! So excited to share. I haven't posted anything on social media yet! I have told many people, though. It's a...BOY! Coy and I are thrilled, but especially Coy.

Christmas Eve was spent with the Curringtons, Christmas morning by ourselves, Christmas afternoon with my family, and the day after Christmas with the Bells. I loved how we did it because we were able to see everyone! I even got to bring Kinslee another day to see the Curringtons! I enjoyed our time together! Coy, Kinslee, and I were cold sick during those two weeks of break, but finally over it! I am happy to get back into a routine, but extra sad to not be a stay-at-home mommy right now. It's getting to where I'm crying because I want to be with her every day! Kinslee has been a wild woman. She runs around everywhere and talks a lot. You really have to have the energy to keep up with her! I can't wait to see how it will be with two kiddos

Preggo Updates:

Weight Gain: 12 pounds total

Symptoms: Shortness of breath. Nothing major, and taking in the 2nd trimester. I know it will get worse, so I am "savoring" this time.

Weeks Pregnant: 22 weeks and 3 days

New Clothes: Maternity leggings. I have discovered that this is a must in the fall/winter for us preggo people! I wore mine almost every day for my two-week break. I also purchased a Piko mid-sleeve one size bigger. I LOVE it, and I can wear it after this pregnancy (That's what I'm going for. You can really get away with doing this with the exception of any pants). 

There are a few staple maternity-only clothes that every pregnant mommy needs depending on the season: jeans (skinny/flare), shorts, leggings, white and black tanks (regular tanks won't fit over the belly!), long sleeve, short sleeve, coat, and bra. 

20 week pic! It's harder to remember to take any bump pictures the second go around!

We got a big girl bed with cute sheets

She loves her rocking horse from Granny and Pops

Taking a walk! I'm beginning to give up on fighting her cowlick for a while

Cutie in the mornings

Petco days. She actually enjoyed the birds a lot!

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